extended family {day 4}

2013, November

i’ve never really thought of my extended family of being “extended”. perhaps it’s because to me the word means family you don’t get to see often or you’re not close to. not only do have a large extended family {particularly on my dad’s side} we are all pretty close.

my mother has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. she is the second oldest. i believe there are 18 children between them. my grandpa married twice, and had the 7 children between the two marriages. i love them all dearly!

on my dads side, his dad was a chief of the village gbinti in sierra leone. he was therefore allowed to have multiple wives. so he had 9. each wife had several children, and i don’t think we are sure on the exact number but i believe had 64 children {i should actually go check that out before i go claiming such numbers}. it’s always a great time at any family get-together! growing up i’m sure i met a “new” family member at each get-together.

we all try to stay in touch as best as we can but what i love most about my family {on both sides} is that despite the disagreements that may occur between family members, when someone needs help, with anything, everybody rallies round to help in whatever way they can. and i mean everyone. regardless of distance {our family is spread throughout europe, africa – particularly sierra leone, and north america}.

here are just a few family pics from over the years. gosh looking at these bring back so many memories!

^^me, my dad and two of my cousins^^


^^cousin love, adore these two!^^

^^love this little one to pieces, though she’s almost my height now!^^

^^family christening. that’s me in the front in the blue^^

^^my mum with one of my favorite uncles, i do love this pic^^



^^this one is a little more recent, as in 2013. and it’s family cousin, his wife and two littlies who live in texas, with me and my mum and brother^^

not many pictures, mainly because i never ever think about taking photos during a family thing, and most of them were taken “back in the day” before photos-for-facebook happened.

today i am grateful for extended family!



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