mum {day 2}

2013, November

i spent the majority of yesterday morning/afternoon watching breaking bad and completely forgot about blogging until this morning! #oops

i am deeply grateful for my mamma! she is an incredibly strong, inspirational, hilarious, supportive, loving, kind woman. she has always put our needs before hers. and if she complains it’s because she feels she hasn’t done enough.


i will never be too old to hold her hand.

she weeps with me, prays for me, is patient with me.

she encourages me in my decisions. when i decided to move to utah she just said “baby, i’ll support you in all you do. i just want you to be happy.”

it’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone loves you that much. that your well-being is that important to them.

photo 1

my mum made sure my brother and i got to experience as much as we could. she took us to all of our youth activities {camp, dances etc.}, endinburgh, rome & naples, sierra leone to meet our grandparents and other family members. she took us to do the touristy things from london zoo to windsor castle and more.

she opens up her home to everyone. and i mean everyone. the amount of people who are “adopted” siblings because they lived with us for a period of time are endless.

she represents goodness. she represents hope. she reminds me to find joy in the journey and to never give up.


she is my hero!



2 thoughts on “mum {day 2}

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