thirty thankful days {day 1} my faith

2013, November

i can’t quite believe we’re in november already. 2013 has flown by and it’s been a rollercoaster at times. but what year hasn’t?

november 2012 was my first thanksgiving and it was {yes i just said that}. this year is going to be a little different, quieter. but i thought to spend the month sharing with you 30 things/people i am grateful. after all, thanksgiving is the time to give thanks.

i wanted to start by briefly sharing one thing that perhaps plays the biggest role in my life. my faith.

i have always believed in God, i actually don’t recall a time when i didn’t. perhaps coming from a religious home was part of it {my father is Muslim and my mother is Mormon – she was Methodist before}. but i’ve never felt pressured into having a belief. it just felt natural to me. very real and tangible {which i have often found hard to explain}.

growing up in a multi-faith home was hard at times but i am grateful for the experiences i had. my parents let my brother and i decide, and we chose Mormon. but we were still able to attend the Mosque with my dad and we were invited to participate in Ramadan every year {though me and fasting are not friends}. my dad’s side of the family are pretty much 98% Muslim so whenever we had a family gathering for a baby blessing/marriage/funeral we would participate in the prayers and traditional ceremonies.

now as an adult i recognize how much it opened my learning and understanding of faith and what it means to different people. i am grateful for my faith because although sometimes i feel i am clutching at straws with what i’m supposed to do, it has got me through tough, tough times, particularly this last year. it has strengthened me.

i know everyone has their way of dealing with stress, anxiety, sadness and all those negative things that creep into our lives, but for me, prayer is an incredibly powerful tool. sometimes my prayers are out loud, sometimes they are silent and in my thoughts.

for me it is more than belief. i have had far too many experiences, particularly personal ones, that have led me to know that there is a God. that we are is His children and that He has a plan of happiness that is for all of us. this human experience wasn’t meant to be easy but there are so many things available to us that can help make this journey a little easier. family, great friends, love, music, travel, food, nature. so much. Jesus Christ is His Son, He died for us, and not just for our sins but for every single thing we will go through in this mortal experience.

if you want to know more about what i believe as a  Mormon check out my profile on here.

Im a Mormon

simply put, i am incredibly grateful for my faith.



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