why blog? – part 1

2013, October

in the last few weeks i’ve had a several emails from friends and readers about how/why i started blogging etc. it’s a great question and definitely one i was asking before i started.

it was back in end of 2010/beginning of 2011 when i first entered the blogosphere. i had just launched my online shoe business neneh stiletto and i was looking for another way to reach customers than just relying solely on  them coming to the website. if you know much about online businesses you know that it takes customer loyalty, brand recognition amongst a lot of other things for people to not only visit your website but to purchase too. i started doing research into blogging for business and took it step by step. that blog just focused on shoe fashion.

the more i got into it the more i wanted to expand and talk about fashion in general. then i started the definition of vogue in 2012. i based this blog on everything fashion. at the same time because sales were low and neneh stiletto wasn’t doing very well i had to shut it down *multiple sad faces* — it was a good transition {although that is not the end of me and online businesses, but that is for another day}.

at the beginning of 2012 i moved from the uk to salt lake city, utah. my family and friends wanted to keep up-to-date with my adventures so i started a separate blog. i soon recognized that trying to run two separate blogs was not only time consuming but slightly annoying too! i started researching other bloggers and realized i could blog about fashion and my adventures in one place {i was also inspired by my blogger idol love taza}.

my blogging experiences have certainly evolved over the past couple of years and i have definitely grown as a blogger, recognizing what i want to share on my little corner of the internet. i feel a lot more comfortable sharing my personal experiences believing that it will touch at least one of my readers. it allows me to be creative, boast, moan and weep without it being too “public” {facebook} if you know what i mean.

but i’m not the only blogger out there so i thought it would be beneficial {and fun of course!} to have some fellow bloggers share their reasons as to why they started blogging, perhaps you will be inspired!

first up is ema, originally from albania now living in the US. she is fairly new to the blogging world but shared her reasons behind starting the lifestyle and fashion blog our love in bloom


I discovered blogging early this year and I thought to myself, wow this is a great way to share your talents, passions and to keep track of certain important events in your life. As I was searching more and reading more and more interesting blogs (like cupcake mascara for instance), I started admiring those women who had started a blog just for fun and ended up making a career out of it.

I have always loved fashion, design and anything and everything beautiful. So I thought blogging would be a great way to develop and share my talents and passions with others, hoping that I could inspire someone.

I consider myself a shy person and I don’t like to be the center of attention but I think blogging will help me to open up and be more confident about myself and my ideas and thoughts. So I am pretty new in this space, but I am loving it already. Any ideas and suggestions from seasoned bloggers would be great 🙂

jessica, based in the uk, felt blogging was a great way to share her life, avoiding what she saw as the more “public” facebook. enter in young free and married


So, in a practical sense, I have learnt that blogging is much easier to set up than initially anticipated. It’s a case of following a few quick and simple steps to get your blog up and running and off you go.

Whereas in a more personal sense, I have learnt a new way to stimulate creativity and productivity in an enjoyable way during a time in my life when opportunities to do those things are not as readily handed to me on a plate as in previous times. Being in a job that stimulates learning and progression and being in full time education provides regular opportunities to be creative and productive by (ideally) developing and learning new skills. For various reasons this is not the case for me at the moment, so I guess I figured I needed to take things into my own hands. Taking a bit of time each week to bring my thoughts together and write a blog post has taught me to provide myself with an opportunity (along with other things) to develop an interest I have. In this case, writing. 

I find blogging a more personal way of making my thoughts public, I’ve never been very comfortable with sharing too much on facebook but for some reason I feel like my blog is more of a personal space to share a bit of myself with others, which doesn’t make much sense because technically even more people than I have on my facebook can view my blog because it’s a public site!! I think it’s because it’s my own personal online space and it’s all on my terms whereas facebook feels so much bigger than that.

I’ve also learnt that not only is it a good thing to do for myself, but you also never know who might benefit from your ramblings.

and lastly but certainly not least rachel, also from the uk, shares why she started blogging on make a long story short


I started blogging four years ago: I spent a month in India, and was so flabbergasted by what I saw that I started making notes. Once I got home I couldn’t think of anything to do with them, so I started a WordPress blog and posted them there. But I’ve only been writing regularly for a couple of years, once we started thinking about having children. I couldn’t believe all the things people had never told me about having a baby. Like, how a tiny person can poo so much they fill an entire baby bath, and you then have to work out what to do with a wet boy screaming under one arm and a poo swamp on the other. Or how you don’t sleep for so long when you first have a baby that you’re capable of eating an entire chocolate gateau in one sitting. Or how you might take your toddler to a farm and suddenly you’re having to say things like ‘Henry, the goat doesn’t want to give you a piggy-back. Get off. No, GET OFF’. I just felt like the world needed to know about these things, and that I would want to remember them later, so I started writing them down.

These days I write about all sorts of things: parenting, family activities, baking projects, books I’ve read and films I’ve seen – anything that interests me. Writing is therapy: it’s the best way I know of working through things in my head and fixing them on the page for later. I love hearing from other people who’ve had the same experiences, and connecting with people all over the world. Parenting small children is frantic, terrifying, thrilling and wonderful. Writing it down helps it all make a little more sense.

i love each and every one of these reasons. it is different for everyone. and one of the great things about blogging is that it is your space. you can do whatever you want with it. sure there is blogging etiquette but no where near as much as facebook {or as irritating either}.

i’ve titled this part 1 because i feel there is so much to discuss with blogging, so watch this space for more…

in the meantime i want to give a big thank you to the beautiful women ema, jessica and rachel for coming on this little adventure with me – i am inspired by each of you!

oh and happy all hallows’ eve!


3 thoughts on “why blog? – part 1

  1. This is such a great idea for a blog post, I might steal it! So interesting to hear other people’s rationales for writing.

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