2013, October

the last time i posted it was monday, and now its friday hashtagwhat?! this week has definitely flown by. with 40 hours clocked in at work, a completed diy project *gasp*, trying an american take on the turkish/british kebab and some great news in the projects-out-side-of-work department, it’s actually been a productive one!

the completed diy project
we have been in dire need of a dining room table for some time and with a piano, desk and bookcase already in the allocated space we needed something small and cute. i probably spent a lazy 2 months looking for something. and by lazy i mean i wasn’t actively looking, just had it the back of my mind whenever i went to a thrift store.

a couple of weeks ago my friend korinne and i went on a little thrift store adventure, without having anything in particular in mind to buy {whenever i go shopping with the mindset i almost always find what i’m looking for…even if i didn’t quite know what i was looking for in the first place…i’m sure you know what i mean}. we found the perfect table, and i mean perfect. in size, look, style. plus they had 2 chairs that fit the look. i got all for a mighty $15. i just love thrift shopping!!

here are a couple of before shots.



i first cleaned and sanded down both table and chairs then hit them with primer. unfortunately without my diy guru korinne i bought grey primer {we used white last time} but it actually worked out just fine! i wanted to keep the chairs white and decided to go with yellow for the table. i just thought yellow would be a bright and cute addition to our little space.

i laid out cardboard boxes on the porch as i was using spray paint {which sits beautifully compared to using a brush!} and my oh my. i inhaled a decent amount of paint, so warning/tip…make sure the space you use is well ventilated!

here are the after pictures…i am kinda proud of myself…

photo 1

All by myself
^^ i recently downloaded this fantastic photo editing app called a beautiful mess. check it out. seriously. and ignore that little scratch you see on the corner there…that happened when i was trying to move the table back in the apartment…i left it thought thinking it gives in a more vintage look^^

i’ll be looking for two more chairs and a center piece to beautify the table but i’m a proud beginner! more photos of the finishing touches coming soon.

an american take on the turkish/british kebab
a friend recently told me about a kebab café coming to salt lake city. i kinda peed my pants a little bit. if you don’t know, kebabs are a middle eastern dish and are a HUGE hit in the uk. and i mean huge. they are also known as lamb doners {sounds like donnas}. technically the meat isn’t exactly all lamb. at least at home it isn’t. but it tastes so good.  and i never thought of all the things i would miss about the uk kebabs would be one of them.

so i took my roommates and a couple of friends on thursday night to the downtown location of spitz. my verdict? delicious. absolutely delicious. it wasn’t quite the british/turkish kebab i was hoping for, actually it was more of a german/spanish take on this delectable dish. but oh. my tastebuds had a right old party.

photo 2

if you’re in salt lake/utah i recommend trying it out!

great news in the projects-out-side-of-work department
remember that post where i talked about finding the perfect venue for a charity fashion show?

The Perfect Venue

well they are called impact hub salt lake city and they are designed as a social entrepreneurship center. i emailed them last week about being a venue for the charity fashion show and guess what? not only were they interested they were excited about the idea too!! can i just tell you how pumped i am?!!!!! just ohmmmgeeeeeeeee. kinda excitement. i’ll be heading down there next week for a tour of the building and to get some discussion going. sooooo excited.

i’m considering going shooting this weekend. it’ll be my first time. and yes i’m terrified. i’ve just about held a gun and the thought of shooting one just for fun is so alien to me it makes me more intrigued. we’ll see if i actually manage it!

today i am just loving life. it’s only one day but for the way i have been feeling recently i am devouring this moment.

happy friday dear reader and have a wonderful weekend!



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