a star and a rose

2013, October

last friday one of my bffs, star owen, married her best friend/soul mate/lobster, aaron rose. it was absolutely beautiful to see both of them so happy and so in love. they were married at the salt lake LDS Temple and it wasn’t until death do them part. no, in the LDS faith we believe marriage can be for time and all eternity. that is marriage is forever. i think that is beautiful. read more about it eternal families here.

the morning started off with the ceremony in the Temple {which is also known as a sealing; being sealed together for all time and eternity} with photographs outside the Temple afterwards. we then had a luncheon with close friends and family at noah’s, a gorgeous venue in south jordan. between the luncheon and reception i had time to run my car to the dealership {love having a car, dislike all the hassle to make sure it’s running!} to sort out a few tire issues, picked up another bff {she was my plus one and i was hers}, and off we went to the reception. here are a few pictures from the day…

^^they looked absolutely radiant as they stepped out of the Temple^^

^^gotta love candid shots^^




^^we were told to act sassy — this is the result :)^^



^^this is star’s brother jason and my brother from another mother!^^

^^another one of my bffs; ema iftiu dishnica. she is from albania, and i had the blissful opportunity to be her companion while on my lds mission. i absolutely love this girl. and i also think she is stunning.^^

^^korinne and i as each other’s dates. i was trying not to laugh while i had a gum ball in my mouth!^^

^^photobooth fun! this was right at the end of the night hence the slightly disheveled/crazed look^^


^^i was way too busy enjoying myself to get many pictures of the reception…hence the slightly dodgy shots you see here!^^

it was a wonderful and joyous day and i couldn’t more happier for mr and mrs rose.



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