i heart my city | the perfect tuesday night

2013, October

did i tell you how much i love live music? when it comes to it i love everything {well apart from rock or heavy metal}. from big budget concerts to small café performances. to be honest, it’s the small café/bar type performances that i adore. i remember attending live performances by one of my friends from university, jay wilcox. he would play at restaurants and bars across bristol in the uk and he’s pretty fantastic. his voice is like woah. check out some of his sound here.

I heart live music

when my friends korinne and kristen told me about one of their favorite bands coming to play in salt lake i jumped at the opportunity. what better thing to do on a tuesday night?

we arrived at the venue at 7.30pm, just like it said on the ticket. well. turns out the band wasn’t coming on till 10.30pm! what to do, what to do. shopping? food?

yes. to both.

we ran into forever21 as i needed some tights for a wedding i will be a bridesmaid at on friday. i also need to stop buying things i don’t really need. like more nail polish.

elise and kristen managed to spend the exact same amount. we all made wishes because it was kinda freaky but cool at the same time.

Whaaat the same

then we decided we wanted some curry. did you know it is national curry week?


this place is delicious! it’s on 55 east 400 south. yum yum for my tum.

kristen tried to take a photo of korinne and i. this is the result.

playing with Korinne

No photo this time

Get outta Here Girl

i don’t know what happened. but we eventually got there.

Me and Korinne

and kristen and elise made it look easy.

Kristen and Elise

by this point it was about 10pm so off we went back to the venue to enjoy the sounds of bronze radio return.

Bronze Radio Return



they are pretty phenomenal. you should check them out on youtube.

and what better way to end the night than a cup of hot apple cider and hanging out with this pup?

apple cider


it was pretty much a night of perfection. great friends, laughter, brilliant food and fantastic music. and it was very much needed {you might have noticed my recent posts have been emotion heavy}.

to top it off, on our way to go shopping i stopped dead in my tracks upon finding the perfect venue for a charity fashion show. i did one in bristol, uk back in 2007 and raised almost $1000. it was one of the best experiences of my life and i wanted to do it again. it’s been on the back of my mind but when i saw this place it was like love at first sight. so watch this space.

The Perfect Venue

yes. this was definitely the perfect tuesday night.



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