2013, September

saturday i went with some friends to the utah state fair…

State Fair


duck racing…super fun for 3 seconds. i felt like a kid and also knocked into some people while jumping and down with my hand in the air when the commentator asked who wanted to race a duck. yep. and i had no shame what so ever.

duck racing




lauren carter


^^lauren and carter. the other two brits who came along^^



^^funnel cake — basically a rather large doughnut with lots of cream and calorific goodness^^



^^and don’t worry about the calories – you only live once so it’s all good!^^


i was trying to eat a german hot dog all lady like and it ended up looking more like this…




^^and this was made out of butter…all of it^^

i didn’t know so many things could be deep fried…oreos, snicker bars, twinkies, jello {i don’t even know that was possible} and butter…yes deep fried butter. but unfortunately you can only get that at a southern state fair. but who would have thought. that’s going on my ‘things to eat’ bucket list.





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