food, baseball, soul food and more food.

2013, September

happy labor day weekend! i seriously think my bff and i have eaten enough to feed a small village in just two days. but oh. it’s all so good.

me and cozi

of all we’ve eaten {cheesecake factory, ihop, tucanos brazilian grill…} i have to say i fell in love with catfish, cornbread, collard greens the lot. a work colleague invited both my bff and i over for dinner on sunday and her husbands family are originally from the south. so it wasn’t just that it was soul food, it was homecooked soul food. did i get any pictures? no because i was too hungry and it wasn’t until i had almost finished my plate did i remember that i had wanted to take pictures for the blog.

i need to get better at that.

also there is nothing like a baseball game on a warm summer evening. especially one with fireworks at the end of the game.

baseball Fireworks



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