a declaration of intention

2013, September

ever so often i have to take a minute to reboot, reset, restart life all over again. sometimes it’s when i’m going through a change. other times its just because.


i love spending a saturday afternoon reading recent posts from my favorite bloggers. recently i found mara from a blog about love.

a week or so ago mara posted what i thought was a superbly written piece about hitting that restart button. it is a meditation by Belleruth Naperstak.

read it and let it soak in.

i declare my intention to heal in body, mind & spirit.

i invite assistance from friends and loved ones – past, present & future – to lend me their support and their strength.  i request assistance from the invisible forces all around me.  and welcome their love and support.

more and more, i understand that my healing will happen in it’s own way, and it’s own time.

i see myself surrounded by the love and caring of those who have come before me – whose banner i carry now.

i know i am better and better able to accept how i feel – as my inner truth of the moment.

i know that the more i can acknowledge and accept how i feel – without criticism or blame – the more i allow myself to heal.

i am better and better able to be kind, gentle and appreciative toward myself.

i welcome my increasing ability to sense the assistance around me – guiding me back to my own strength, courage, and resourcefulness.

i know my heart will heal with the energy of it’s own life force.

more and more, i can see and feel my own beauty, value and worth.

i am better and better able to define myself and value myself independent of the behavior of others.

i see and feel radiant sunlight warming my body – sending comfort and solace deep into my heart.

i salute my ability to survive – and my courage to heal.

i know that when i appreciate my body, respect it, and take good care of it – i allow myself to heal.

i can feel a soft warm healing energy pulsing deep into my heart.

i can feel my heart filled with it’s own healing energy.

i know that i am held and cradled and affirmed by the generations that have gone before me.

more and more, i understand that my value has never been defined by the behavior of others.

i know that torn place will repair, and my heart will be made whole.

i will find my center, heal my heart, and reclaim my strength.

i understand that beautiful and wise and worthy people know devastation and loss, just as i have.

i salute the generosity of my true nature.

more and more, i remember that i deserve to give love and receive love.

i am the exquisite result of the combined lifetimes of my ancestors.

i know that even great pain can be a valued teacher.

i will grow compassion, wisdom and kindness from the sorrow of my past.

i know there is a part of me deep inside that is sufficient and whole – and it can never be diminished or demeaned.

i know that beneath the darkness that sometimes overtakes me, there is a place where i am radiant with the beauty of my being.

i look to the time when i will reclaim my strength and express the full range of my gifts.

i know that my heart is large is enough to hold my suffering and strong enough to transform it.

more and more, i can see the beauty all around me, and draw nourishment from it.

i welcome my awareness of the peaceful power within my heart, the seed of my strength, the home of my spirit.

i know that i have things to do, gifts to give, purposes to accomplish.

i know that i am held in the hands in God and am perfectly, utterly safe.





2013, September

saturday i went with some friends to the utah state fair…

State Fair


duck racing…super fun for 3 seconds. i felt like a kid and also knocked into some people while jumping and down with my hand in the air when the commentator asked who wanted to race a duck. yep. and i had no shame what so ever.

duck racing




lauren carter


^^lauren and carter. the other two brits who came along^^



^^funnel cake — basically a rather large doughnut with lots of cream and calorific goodness^^



^^and don’t worry about the calories – you only live once so it’s all good!^^


i was trying to eat a german hot dog all lady like and it ended up looking more like this…




^^and this was made out of butter…all of it^^

i didn’t know so many things could be deep fried…oreos, snicker bars, twinkies, jello {i don’t even know that was possible} and butter…yes deep fried butter. but unfortunately you can only get that at a southern state fair. but who would have thought. that’s going on my ‘things to eat’ bucket list.




next stop, brazil!

2013, September

there is so much culture in salt lake city that i had no idea existed. the same day of the greek festival, salt lake city was brimming with buffy the vampire slayers, superheroes and other comic characters for their first ever comic con. a block away was the bright yellow, music filled gallivan plaza for the brazilian festival.


Good fod

^^ this is a coxinhas — deliciois!^^

Brazilian Lemonade

^^if you’ve never tried a lemonade from tucanos you should. talk about party in your mouth^^


life is good.



2013, September

each year, right at the beginning of september, salt lake city is home to an annual greek festival. i drove past it last year and have been looking forward it since then. i went with my hilarious and brillaint brazilian friend fernando. a brazilian and a brit at a greek festival. so much fun to be had!


Greek Festival

i was so in awe with the rich greek culture. i’ve never said this but if i wasn’t sierra leonean/british i would love to be greek {actually since we’re going here i would also love to be italian} .


Dancers 2

Me and Fernando

Greek food

^^calamari and souvlaki — yum yum for my tum ^^

Greek children

Me and the Greeks

^^and of course i had to get a picture^^

it was a blast to step into greece for an afternoon and share the culture, food, heritage and love.


hello bargains.

2013, September

labor day weekend was an absolute blast — it was especially made great with having my bff from the uk here. filled with laughter, shopping and enough food to feed a village i would have done it again in a heart beat.

on the monday i took my bff up to the outlet mall up in park city and it was a treat! i hadn’t been there since black friday but i did catch some awesome deals like this guess necklace for 30% off

^^ i do love a bit of bling^^

make-up from bare minerals — i’ve been wanting to try bare minerals for a while but didn’t want to fork out loads on make-up and then i end up not liking it. so this little kit was a great start. and i love it! the primer is great, though i’m not sure makes a huge difference {being honest here} but the mineral veil is fantastic. for all skin tones it’s perfect for that finishing touch or if you have a shiny t-zone like myself, perfect for touch up during the day.


the lip gloss is pretty fun too. i’m slightly obsessed with pinky/nude colors right now.

the most exciting purchase for me was a dress from bcbgmaxazria. the majority of the dresses were to die for, but one caught my eye especially. i will be a bridesmaid for a bff this october {next month eek!} and not only did i love style of the dress, it was also in the color of her wedding {at least what she had asked us to get}


and it gets better. it was 50% off. yes 50%. i about died.

however i’m not going to show it yet! suspense is fun, no? i’ll be posting pictures of the dress and me in it from the wedding day — so watch this space!

bargains. gotta love ’em.


dear gluten, i don’t think we can be friends

2013, September

i started to notice the stomach pains in 2011 — a while ago i know. but every once in a while, after i had eaten a large amount of bread or pasta my stomach was not happy with me. fast forward two years and the problem has gotten more regular. honestly i don’t think i’m allergic but something is definitely not right.

and so in an effort to stop this madness {which i’m actually kinda sad about because i love pasta} i’ve decided to start small on this no gluten thing and cut out bread and pasta. just to see what’s up. maybe it’s not that at all and it’s the restaurant food that doesn’t agree with me.

this decision did however kick me into wanting to not just cut bread and pasta out but to eat healthier. i did say during on of my blog everyday in july posts that i wanted to cut out soda for 90 days. well that lasted a mighty 3 weeks. but it’s better than nothing and i want to try for 30 days first and build up from there. why am i doing this? i want to stop feeling horrendous after eating unecessary amounts of pasta, candy, fast food, bread…the list goes on.

i am always researching easy and quick recipes online and when i stumbled on this egg white and oatmeal protein pankcake recipe i just had to try it. the blogger had eaten it as a post-workout breakfast so that motivated me to go them gym {ironic}.



the recipe is simple enough:


  • 1 cup egg whites
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1 packet stevia or 2 teaspoons sugar
  • cinnamon to taste


  1. spray pan with cooking spray and heat over a medium high heat
  2. stir all ingredients together until adequately combined and pour into pan
  3. when the pancake begins to turn white and the edges of the pancake begin to harden, flip and cook for another one to two minutes
  4. top with syrup, nut butter, fresh fruit or slivered almonds and enjoy

it’s delicious. delectable and delightful. perfect after my saturday morning gym workout. i’m totally sold. which means i might be having it for breakfast 5 days in a row.


try it out, tell me what you think!

food, baseball, soul food and more food.

2013, September

happy labor day weekend! i seriously think my bff and i have eaten enough to feed a small village in just two days. but oh. it’s all so good.

me and cozi

of all we’ve eaten {cheesecake factory, ihop, tucanos brazilian grill…} i have to say i fell in love with catfish, cornbread, collard greens the lot. a work colleague invited both my bff and i over for dinner on sunday and her husbands family are originally from the south. so it wasn’t just that it was soul food, it was homecooked soul food. did i get any pictures? no because i was too hungry and it wasn’t until i had almost finished my plate did i remember that i had wanted to take pictures for the blog.

i need to get better at that.

also there is nothing like a baseball game on a warm summer evening. especially one with fireworks at the end of the game.

baseball Fireworks