i heart my city | salt lake city

2013, August

i’m winding down for the night listening to bbc radio 1xtra. i kinda miss the british accent. and british radio. and chris moyles & twin b {who i’m actually listening to right now}.

anyway i’ve been thinking a lot about doing some new features on my blog. and what i mean by that is some monthly posts that feature interviews, posts from my readers, guest bloggers etc. i’ve done a combination of those with my previous blogs so i thought it was about time to get that started again!

this segment i’m calling “i heart my city”. i invite you as a reader to participate! share why you love the city you live in, whether you’re from there or not. send a paragraph or two in an email cupcakemascarablog{at}gmail{dot}com. include a picture of your city and/or one of yourself.

it can be as simple as this..

hi. i’m mariama. i’m 28 years old and i’m from the uk {just outside london}.


i now live in salt lake city, utah — i initially moved here for school but now i have a job {which i love!}…so it means i get to play a little longer in slc! i heart this city because:

  • the taco stands downtown are pretty fantastic — forget resaurants, shack/hut food is where it’s at
  • i’m actually quite loving a city that isn’t busy
  • ice cream
  • the mountains…oh those mountains!
  • fry sauce
  • summer & fall and all that there is to do
  • twilight concert series — $5 concerts of awesome artists like ludacris, kid cudi, erykah badu and mgmt. to name a few…

image from blurbomat.com

you can do it any which way you like. i kinda like bullet points. but you can share a list like i have, a couple of things or just one thing. i’m excited to see what you share! if you live in slc and are hesitant to send something in because i’ve just done so, don’t be…you and i will see slc differently!

just send a few lines {don’t forget some blurb about yourself}, and a pic of your city and/or of yourself and email it to cupcakemascarablog{at}gmail{dot}com.



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