twilight concert series | ludacris

2013, August

i promise this isn’t to do with the slightly appalling teen movie phenomenon. no, this is in fact the genius that is the concert series. for $5 a show or $35 for the entire series, you get to enjoy a 3 hour performance from two artists.

on thursday ludacris was performing. i kinda love him. in a slighty teenage way too. he’s one of my favorite hip hop artists from the early 2000s. his lyrics are hilarious and witty. and i also find him to be a fairly handsome chap. and for $5 it’s more than a bargain, it’s basically free.

let’s be honest for a moment here, i just love live music, whether it’s rap, soul or pop/rock. coming up? kid cudi, empire of the sun and mgmt.

i heart summer.

Luda with friends


check out the related article {below} on the number of people who turned up.


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