life latey.

2013, August

hi. after blogging for 31 days straight this girl needed a little break. i also had finals week, my written and practical driver’s test…i was a busy bumble bee. and a tired one at that. BUT i am glad to say i have officially finished school! i can actually be completely lazy without feeling as guilty. i can read a book at my leisure without thinking i should probably be reading a textbook. i feel like someone who’s been on a diet and is now allowed to eat all the ice cream i want. it’s that kind of feeling.

i also passed my driver’s test! yay after 18months of public transport i can finally officially drive here, so i’ll be car shopping for the next month. i also started up at work full-time…and i’m actually enjoying it *shock horror*. after doing 4 months of a full-time workload on part-time hours i’m glad to actually be able to get my work done! who doesn’t like putting a line through a checklist?

here are some pics from my life lately.

birthday fun at texas roadhouse {their ribs are to die for}

the face
i just love derek and korinne’s facial expressions. pretty much identical.

.love these two! elders
cooked some sierra leonean food for friends. i love dinner parties!

foot massage
foot mask? genius i tell you. genius.

because i like to take selfies when i’m waiting for a ride.



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