react to this term — letting go {day 30}

2013, July

i can’t quite believe it’s day 30 already. where did july go?

letting go is a tricky one for me. i tend to hold on to things, from mistakes i have made in the past to people who have hurt me {and who i have hurt}. sometimes i wish memories could be erased of such things.


where i have been and where i am is literally like night and day. and now that i am in so much light i wonder why i waste time reflecting on that dark place , wondering over and over again why i took myself to that place. and then my memories take me back. like i didn’t get enough the first time round. but this sums it up well:

“abundance is a process of letting go; that which is empty can receive”
bryant h. mcgill

how much more can i receive if i just let go? probably a whole lot more. i can enjoy many more of life’s experiences if i let go. sometimes i do feel like it’s an uphill battle; of forgiving myself, of forgiving others. some of the pain and mistakes still scar my life today. but i guess that’s the challenge of it all. letting go when the scars may burn from time to time.

to me letting go is a process. one step at a time. whether it takes days or years, one step at a time is all i have.



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