days 26, 27, 28 & 29

2013, July

um hi there. it has been a crazy busy couple of days hence no blog posts. so hello catch up post!

day 26: just pictures

read me guess what driving blue!


day 27: a goal i am working towards
no soda/fizzy pop for 90 days starting august 1st.

day 28: my top 3 worst traits
1. i’m either really busy or utterly lazy. i need to find a middle ground.
2. sometimes i spend too much time worrying.
3. i’m bossy.

day 29: a favorite
i love going out to eat with friends. it’s mostly the company but when it’s great food it’s even better. my favorite soup {in the absolute history of ever} is the butternut squash soup from blue lemon.

blue lemon



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