read, share, discuss {day 25}

2013, July

i try to stay away from sharing and discussing videos like this. but when i watched it yesterday i was intrigued {also today’s challenge is to find something online, share and discuss}.

i’ve always known that we never get the full picture when it comes to the media. this isn’t about race, or even the stand your ground law. this is about what we, as a people, are told, read and see vs. truth.

i’m having trouble uploading the link here on my blog, so i’ve publicly posted it on my facebook wall. check it out here. it’s definitely a must watch.

i am far from a journalist or knowing the ins and outs of journalism, but this seems far more journalistic than what we see on our “news” channels. why oh why do we not get this kind of information on any news report? especially in cases like this, the media portray it to look a certain way. is it bad to reveal truth? the mass public are then outraged and demand “justice” when we don’t actually know what occurred.

i’m not sure there’s a way to resolve this. this whole truth vs. the media thing. i’ll include the word honesty in that too. i sometimes feel that all of us as a people need to stand up to the media. perhaps one day.



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