my lot in life {day 24}

2013, July

i got stood up last night. second time by the same guy. i was a little annoyed which followed on to today so i went and got my nails did.

shellac nails

it was shellac and it was amazing. got a hand massage and everything. then i saw that my friends ben & jerry were on sale for $2.99 and i couldn’t resist…half baked ice cream and red velvet cake ice cream came home with me. i’m about to go chill out with some friends and eat till my hearts content.

i’m 28 and still single. really, it’s not that big of a deal. in the grand scheme of things. but in a church where marriage and family is a big part of what is taught, the pressure from people {might i add expectations} can sometimes get a bit much. i didn’t choose to be single. and my oh my has my dating life been an adventure. from being stood up {there’s a first time for everything}, to getting charged for a date {i thought he had asked me out, he took it as a “business meeting”}.

coming to utah i’ve heard people ask if it’s because i want to get married. well i moved here for several reasons, which of course include a bigger dating pool {for mormons anyway}. some of this stuff has been said behind my back…really people my life is not that exciting to gossip about. the common thought is, if you move to utah you’ll get married quickly. what people don’t know is i’m kinda picky. and it’s obviously not the right time.

anyway every time i have been home to the uk, and actually even while i’ve been here my mum gets the question “so… is there anyone yet?” or “are you dating yet?” i know, i know. people only mean good by it because they want to see me get married etc. etc. and i think it’s lovely that they ask. because people care. but sometimes, just sometimes, its gets too much. and sometimes i wonder if something is wrong with me for not being one of the “married with kids” crowd. sometimes i look at pictures of my friends who got married years ago and feel a little left behind.

however, interestingly enough, most of the time i don’t see being single as being “my lot in life”. there are many things i have been able to experience because of where i am at.

so i’m going to stuff my face with ice-cream and enjoy some time with great friends. which i have to say i am a very lucky girl in that area; i have superb friends. married and not. in the us, uk and else where. yes, i’m pretty darn lucky.



4 thoughts on “my lot in life {day 24}

  1. Mariama, I strongly believe that you will get there. He always knows what is best for us and when it is right.

    1. thank you šŸ™‚ i also believe that. most days are certainly better than others, but His timing is always better than mine!

  2. Hey! I just saw that you have a blog! I really like your style, so I’m going to go ahead and follow. Don’t worry too much about being 28 and single. I’m 30 and single. Sometimes we all get lonely, but being single allows us to experience things, and accomplish things that would be difficult otherwise. Of course it would be nice to be married and have kids, but being single has its perks too. šŸ™‚

    1. thanks robby! i absolutely agree, i don’t think i would change a thing about the experiences i have had, and continue to have. and you are absolutely, being single definitely has it’s perks!

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