the gift of siblings {day 23}

2013, July


this guy. he’s my best friend, my listening ear, he puts up with my crankiness, bossiness, craziness and overbearingness. he makes me laugh. i can tell him my secrets and they stay right there.

// when i was 5 and he was 3 he went to the hospital to have a minor operation. i clearly remember crying/booing/wailing thinking baby brother was going to die.
// when we were in primary school some”bully” kid punched my brother in the face {my brother didn’t want to be friends with him so naturally he punched him}…i ran up to the other end of the playground where they were and yelled at the top of my lungs. i wanted to punch this kid in the face, my friend had to hold me back *true story*
// there was a time when my brother was too cool for school and didn’t want to hang out with me. i was kinda sad. we had mutual friends and all.
// then this miraculous time {after his lds mission} he was actually okay with being seen in public with his big sis. so we hung out. like flying to sweden, parties on a boat, fun fairs, randomly driving around london etc. etc.
// he was kinda annoyed with me for moving to utah. but i know i have his full support.
// his favorite words of support: “be cool” + “it is what it is” + “just chill innit” — that pretty much sums up his advice on everything. and you know what? it works.
// he knows full well that whoever he eventually picks to marry has to go through a rigorous approval process from me {which may or may not be worse than my parents}



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