my favorite posts {day 21}

2013, July

if you’ve read my “about” section you’ll know i have indeed started 2/3 blogs over the last two years and my most recent before this one was the definition of vogue {i just struggled to find a blog that fit}.

so i’m combining my favorite posts from that blog and this one to share with today’s challenge.

// travel in style. since i moved to utah travelling comfortably from here to london is an absolute must. especially with a 13 hour flight journey.
// erin jones and britnee b. every friday i would do a feature friday post, focusing on one fashionista. i love these two girls. they were in my sales class last semester and i adore their style.
// also part of my feature friday posts were fashion interviews. here are three of my favorites, all of which are london college of fashion graduates; heba elemara, hazelle moscrop, and nikita karizma who styled the finalists on x factor uk 2011.
// when i found this on pinterest i burst out loud. literally out loud.
// my first post on this blog back in february. i appreciated the love!
// this get real post was the first time i’ve opened up about anything personal on such a public forum.

happy mnday!


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