my bucket list {day 20}

2013, July

i love bucket lists. i didn’t start making one until i was 23/24 but it’s one of those things that is continuously evolving. there is so much i want to do…and there doesn’t seem to be enough time…


here are just a few things:
// buy a villa a greece
// live in italy for a year
// spend 3 months at an indian yoga retreat
// get a book published
// sew a full outfit {all by myself}
// start at least 2 businesses in the next 3 years
// complete a half marathon {if you know me you know i hate running}
// drive from west to east coast in the usa
// go onto the ellen degeneres show
// when i’m married with littlies, design and build our home {well have someone else actually build it}
// build a home for my parents in sierra leone
// meet justin timberlake
// put on a charity fashion show in salt lake city

and there’s more but some are a little more personal and i’m not yet ready to share, you know, with the internet. what’s on yours?



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