a story from my childhood {day 18}

2013, July

this is my brother and i. we’re exactly 18months apart, to the day. i’m a fairly over protective, smothering big sister. and he is one of my absolute best friends {i think deep down he feels the same even if he won’t admit it out loud}. we’ve experienced a lot together. including socially awkward, highly embarrassing experiences.


we must have been about 8 and 9 years old. my dad decided to take us to the swimming pool not too far from our home. to be more precise it was the swimming pool at the meadway leisure centre in tilehurst, reading. i know, that probably doesn’t mean much to most of you but for those of you reading this from home, hopefully it’ll give you a better picture.

anyway, it was a saturday so we knew the pool was going to be busy. i always got kinda nervous because i wasn’t the greatest of swimmers {even though i had a good collection of brightly colored swimming badges by this point}. we hurriedly got dressed and almost ran into the pool. my dad decided to stay back and watch from the seats {secretly i think he was exhausted and just wanted to chill a little bit, we were quite the excitable pair}.

as we came through the changing rooms into the pool, we saw it. the biggest, bestest, most brightly colored float in the history of ever. i remember feeling like i was going to burst with excitement. all the big, cool kids were playing and splashing around it. it literally looked like a commercial. i elbowed my brother and he had the same look on his face.

we needed to get to the big turtle float.

we played it cool for a minute, paddling along with the littlies and less popular looking kids in the shallow end of the pool. the float was at the deep end you see. the excitement became overwhelming so we decided to try to swim to the deep end, climb the turtle float and be the coolest kids in the pool. even cooler than the teenagers. i have a fairly active imagination so i began daydreaming of flashing lights, loud music and slow motion as we smoothly and triumphantly  mounted the float.

well my friends this is what actually happened. at the time i thought because my brother wasn’t the best of swimmers {as i said neither was i} it would be a good idea for him to climb on my back and wrap his hands around my neck. then with my puney strength i would carry us both to the float.

after what seemed like an eternity {and we were still no where near the float} i could no longer touch the bottom of the pool…i panicked. i struggled to keep my head up on top of the water, i was gulping lots of amounts of pool water *gross* then i was gasping, i thought this it. i’m going to die because i tried to get my brother and i to the big float. my brother noticed all of this and he too panicked. but instead of letting go he held on tighter. kinda chock holding me. looking back on it he must have been terrified. these were the days when he was shorter than me. and we were a ways away from the edge of the pool.

well a life guard noticed. i actually wonder what we looked like. and low and behold the life guard reaches for the long, silver metal thing. you know the one? with the hoop around one end? yep that one. he kneels down by the side of the pool and reaches for my brother and i, then pulls us to the side for safety. i was so confused. i thought my plan was brilliant and i didn’t understand why it didn’t work.

we left the pool in shame. i’m not sure how long we avoided swimming there after that incident. i also think my brother and i have not spoken about is since then. true story.



2 thoughts on “a story from my childhood {day 18}

  1. Lol! That was a laugh! I could actually picture how you two must ve looked like in that pool.
    Reminds me of how I learned how to swim, my brother pushed me in..it was survival!

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