favorite photo…of myself {day 16}

2013, July

i chose this photo because to me this picture is just the beginning. yes, i’ve already got a bachelors degree {in marketing in case you were wondering} from the uk. but from a young age i had a dream. moving to the us is part of that dream. learning about american entrepreneurship is another part of that dream.


so let’s just call this picture “the beginning”. i am a strong believer in going for your dreams. in recognizing that getting those dreams is not an easy ride. but oh its so worth it. why limit yourself because you’re afraid? imagine what you can accomplish when you believe and especially when you try. now go get it.

that’s what i have to tell myself everyday. especially on the more difficult days when i think “what am i actually doing?”. just because your life doesn’t look like joe bloggs’ next door doesn’t mean you’re wrong and they’re right either. it means your dreams are different. it means your life is different. and that my dear readers, is a great thing.

this video is basically the theme to my life: “don’t cry to quit, cry to keep going”.



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