something i’m looking forward to {day 15}

2013, July

i’m a day behind, but i have a good reason.

preparing for a first date with someone you like is like. well going into an exam. you know you want it to go well. you’re sure you’ve prepared enough but then it could go absolutely fantastic,  so-so or completely and utterly pants. and with all the pre-stuff you just want to know.

i think that’s a good enough reason, don’t  you?

something i’m looking forward to? going home for christmas. kinda an easy guess. but i just can’t help it. the fact that i get to see these faces in a little under 6 months just sends ripples of excitement through me as well as making want to shout out guess who i get to see.

20130716-185459.jpg 20130716-185505.jpg 20130716-185515.jpg 20130716-185453.jpg 20130716-185510.jpg

i’m close to my family and friends in the uk and being this far away {as much as i am enjoying this adventure and would not change it for the world} kinda rips my heart in two. i wanna be here but i wanna be there.

so yes. this is something i am absolutely, most definitely, unequivocally looking forward to.

also in case you were wondering, the first date went wonderfully.



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