about myself from someone else {day 11}

2013, July

it’s almost my birthday! i remember freaking out last year weeks before turning 27. this year i’m all like. chill. and i don’t know why. life is good.

today’s challenge is: something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget


i remember like it was yesterday. it was my last sunday at home before i embarked on my lds mission. i had all sorts of emotions, thoughts and feelings running through me. the kind you can feel from the tip of your head to your pinkie toe. i didn’t think i was ready but i was ready. i was going to miss my family like crazy but i couldn’t wait to do something different and worthwhile for 18 months. i was excited about everything being new yet changed scared the life out of me.

it’s tradition that the last sunday before you leave for a mission you give a farewell talk during the sacrament service. then what is typically called a ‘munch & mingle’ {fairly self explanatory} is sort of dedicated to that missionary. friends and family will come from all over to say their goodbyes and offer best wishes.

i was kind of standing just looking at everyone who had come, feeling very lucky and realizing how much i was going to miss all of these people. then a lady  i knew pretty well came up to me. she is a very soft spoken woman, and she leans in and almost whispers “you know what one of your greatest gifts is mariama? you are a very good listener and trust me to that will be of far more worth than anything else” 

it was 4 years ago so i’m not sure i even got it word for word. but i never forgot it. me? a good listener? i didn’t think i was a good listener. it took me by surprise. but for the entire 18months i was there i made a point of making sure i was spending more time listening than talking {perhaps that wasn’t always a good thing}.

but yes, i’m still working on it.

aren’t we all.

“many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request.”
— phillip stanhope earl of chesterfield



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