youtube = great timewasting {day 9}

2013, July

so how much time can you waste on youtube? plenty. in fact i remember hanging out with some friends and spending something like 5 hours looking at different youtube videos. not sure if i should even admit to that. on the internet. oh well it’s done.

here are 5 of my favorite youtube videos:

1. jimmel kimmel: i told my kids i ate their halloween candy. hi. larious.

2. the truth by eric thomas. i’ve shared this before but it’s brilliant!

3. baby khaliyl — best rapper of our time? this is not just adorable, i wish i had this talent now at 27.

4. will and jayden smith on the graham norton show. best thing about this show is the banter between the guests. but if you haven’t seen this already you may have been hiding under a rock.

5. love this basketball prank from pepsi titled “uncle drew”



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