a piece of advice {day 7}

2013, July

today i woke up feeling a little miserable. i can’t really put my finger on it but sometimes “little” negative thoughts can just trigger it. it’s amazing how much power the mind has.

which leads me to today’s challenge: to offer a piece of advice. so here is mine on my little corner of the internet. i’ll tell you a brief story…

there was a young man named james. he was born in a small village in sierra leone, a small coastal country in west africa. i’m talking dusty roads and hut homes. at around the age of 8 he had to stop going to school, his family could not afford it. but james had a dream, that he would get his education. because he could not afford to pay for himself, james studied and worked enough to receive the necessary qualifications and money to get himself to university. james finished his bachelors and his dream of furthering his eduaction grew. he also knew he wanted to give back to his community. after several years james got his masters. he then moved from africa with his wife and 4 of his children moved to scotland, edinburgh where he received his doctorate.

james’ story is remarkable but it doesn’t stop there. during his time in scotland, both he and his wife were invited to attend a garden party held at buckingham palace with queen elizabeth II. which they attended.

after their time in scotland james moved his family back to sierra leone. it was time to give back to his community. very quickly james became the minister of education for sierra leone. he helped several young people get their education by teaching them and donating funds for their school fees.

this is a long story cut very short but james was my grandpa. and my advice to those reading this today is two fold…


  1. never let your circumstances or your past dictate who you are and who you can become.
  2. you can achieve anything you dream, you just gotta put your mind, heart and soul into it, and be ready to face the challenges on the way.



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