6 favorite things — summer edition {day 6}

2013, July

gosh i feel like a granny, i spent an awesome day at lagoon, just a few miles north of salt lake city. it was great fun {apart from throwing up on the very first ride — highly embarrassing}. but being there from about 11am till 9pm absolutely took it out of me, plus i had laundry, and other chores i wanted to finish before the end of the weekend. yep, i’m getting old when it’s that i’m worrying about!

today’s post is 6 of my favorite things. to be honest this list could go on for forever but clearly we don’t have time for that {and my eyes are closing as i’m typing this up}. and because i have so many things i’m going to focus on 6 of my favorite summer things…


// live sports including baseball, football {soccer}
// ice cream and shakes {aggie ice-cream and coldstone come to mind}
// waterparks {also swimming pools and hot tubs}
// drive-in movies {and movies in the park}
// fruit! especially mangos and strawberries {bbqs are also included under this just because its food}
// just being out in the sunshine makes me happy



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