a public profession of love {day 5}

2013, July

i decided to post a little earlier today as i’ve got a fairly busy day ahead of me with a finance test {joy}, chores and the bees baseball game tonight!

this was today’s challenge: publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. what makes them great? why do you love them? if you don’t have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member.

i decided to go for a public profession of love to a real-life friend.


i met him in 2011. it wasn’t necessarily one of those meetings where i knew we were going to be friends, and i certainly didn’t know how much the person would mean to me just a year after meeting him.

so yes i met him in august 2011. 6 months later i found myself in salt lake city, utah. i say this like it wasn’t planned, it sure was! february 2012 i decided to get back in touch with this person, actually purely out of a random thought. again i didn’t think anything would come of it. i then went home for 3 weeks {of amazing summer/london olympics/shopping/home cooked food} in august, and i wasn’t planning on meeting up with him. just hadn’t thought about it. the last week at home an incident happened that would bring my world crashing down. there was a lot of pain and hurt felt, and not just by me. the very next morning he drops by. he didn’t even live in the area at the time, he was just visiting for the day. he said he felt that he needed to come and see us. when we opened the door it was like God had heard our prayers and He had sent a real life angel to bring us comfort. the person came in only for a few minutes, we talked, even laughed a little. it was like the night before had been a frightening and horrid nightmare. as he left we felt lifted. he came by the very next day, saying he had felt something wasn’t quite right and wanted to check we were okay. we were more than grateful.

as the days approached for me to prepare to come back to salt lake city i was in turmoil as to what to do. part of me wanted to stay behind and support my family, while another part of me knew if i did i would struggle with sadness and anger on a magnitude that would be greater than if i returned to slc. i cried a lot. i decided to head back to slc. it wasn’t an easy decision, trust me.

the day before i was to head off on my flight i received a phone call from this person. i hadn’t shared with him my decision making process or even all the details of what happened that night but he proceeded to tell me not to worry and that he will look after my family while i am away. i’ll be honest, i was a bit skeptical. people have promised such things, i wasn’t sure whether he meant it or he was just saying to appease me.

i arrived back in slc and as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months he kept his word. almost every time i spoke with my family they informed me that he had been in touch either by a phone call or a visit.

i can’t even begin to describe what that meant to me. he kept his word. i couldn’t physically be there so he stepped up to the plate. who does that? he didn’t have to. he had nothing to gain. we’re not blood related, we only knew each other briefly for a few months. it left a deep impression on my mind and my heart.

i kept in touch with this person and still do. actually he too will be moving to slc sometime this year for school and i’m excited about that.

i didn’t think i would explain all of this to you but the words have flown from my mind to my fingertips. tears have fallen on the keyboard too as i’ve recalled all those emotions felt at that time. it’s a very personal experience hence i haven’t shared all the details {and we might be here for days}. i have no idea how i will ever thank him because the words ‘thank you’ are simply not enough. the love that i feel for this person is not romantic; it feels like the depth of love i feel for my family, yet different. today he is one of my best friends. so my public declaration is to this young man who showed me what it means to be an instrument in the hands of God.



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