what’s in my handbag? {day 2}

2013, July


i know, you’ve been dying to know what i carry around with me everyday!


because i like lists:
1. my daily planner. this. i cannot live without. i write everything in here. and what’s great is i don’t have to buy a new one every year, i just order pages each year. bish bash bosh. gotta love filofax.


2. purse {wallet in american} — i probably shouldn’t carry this around. i currently have the case of “i want everything” while my purse says “nice try”

3. ipod..because travelling 40mins a day to work and back would be atrocious if i had to talk to people. plus who doesn’t love a bit of florence + the machine? {my current playlist}

4. gum — this is an absolute must for me. fresh breath at any time of the day without carrying your toothbrush everywhere {because brushing my teeth in a public place just seems pretty gross to me}

5. richard branson’s “losing my virginity” — if you’re into business and how to overcome everything and anything in the business world {while trying to build your multi-million empire} then this book is for you. find it here on amazon. personally i think it’s fantastic.


6. beauty bits — another absolute must! i’ve fallen in love with victoria’s secret flavored gloss. i bought mine in passion fruit pop which is devine *i sometimes lick it off my lips to cos it tastes so good* tmi i know. combined with maybelline’s barely brown lipstick {240} it gives me the everyday nude look — i’m kinda obsessed. and of course who doesn’t love a bit of bath & body works hand sanitizer?! paris amour is particularly delicious {smelling}.


those are my essentials!



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