life lately.

2013, July

um. hi there. i know. it’s been a minute, or 5. i’ve sort of been in a creative stump these last couple of weeks. it’s hard to explain. but it’s great to be back blogging.

anyway life has been a little crazy to say the least. i started working at a great company 2 months ago and last week i found out my amazing boss is leaving. get this, i only work part-time (because i’m international i can only work 20 hours a week) and my work load it about to double, perhaps triple, until they get a replacement. it’s going to be crazy. plus i’m still not sure what i’m doing, so this is going to be interesting indeed!

i got to spend this past weekend at bear lake/logan. that place is gorgeous! and here are some pictures because i feel pictures say a lot more than words can.

free watermelon at the zoo? yes please!









because i was struggling with getting creative with my blog i decided to try out the blog a day throughout july! i was inspired by this and this from pinterest. so i’m sending you two posts today, i’m excited! plus july is my birthday month so why not?!



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