blog everyday in july {day 1}

2013, July

yep i’m going to try this challenge and i’m pretty excited, so here goes…


the story of my life in 250 words or less:
i was born in sierra leone {west africa}. i have one younger brother who i adore, plus my mum and pops. we moved to reading, england when i was 4. that’s where i grew up and wouldn’t change for the world. throughout secondary school and university i met some amazing people who are still in my life today {you know who you are}. i served a lds mission in leeds, england {life changing + the best 18 months of my life yet}, then moved to slc, utah to study entrepreneurship. i’m almost 28 {eeek}, and single but of the guys i have dated i’ve been able to experience some great times. however there is one guy, just one, who has shown me that finding the right guy will definitely be worth the wait *disclaimer* he doesn’t know this yet, one day i’ll pluck up the courage to tell him. i love cake, ice cream, strawberries, superhero movies, justin timberlake, summer and shoes. i currently work for a retail licensing company who manufacturer consumer goods such as wall décor {think clocks}, drinkware and other fun stuff for like marvel, my little pony, hello kitty and star trek. i work in the marketing dept. — and i absolutely love it. that’s me in a not-so-nutshell.



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