homemade burgers & chips {fries}

2013, June

happy sunday! and happy father’s day to all the wonderful fathers, uncles, brothers out there who take care of their own. i got to skype with my dad yesterday which was hilarious as he was using skype on his phone and all i could see was his bald head 🙂

i follow fellow blogger things we make and when i saw the post ‘steak and chips‘ last week {and the photos in all their mouthwatering glory} i just had to try it. as the weekend drew nearer i was craving a burger. so. come friday at work i’m talking to my boss about sunday dinner and she mentions her favorite recipe for chips {fries} and her favorite tip for homemade burgers. yes we talk about food almost everyday. it’s fantastic.

so… here is my take on homemade burgers and chips

yum 3

all in all it took me about an hour including prep time. firstly i prepared the chips. i used half a regular  potato and half a sweet potato. i followed this recipe for oven baked parmesan fries {modified for one). *tip* the sweet potato fries cook pretty quickly. in fact mine were a little on the burnt side by the time i took them out. i would perhaps suggest cooking them for 30mins instead of the 45mins for the regular potatoes…or just watch them as they cook!

yum 4

next i got the meat seasoned and ready to cook. i didn’t actually follow a recipe for this. i just added a few of my favorites like a garlic clove, season all, italian seasoning and black pepper. my boss suggested i add my favorite sauce {honey bbq is mine!} and let me tell you. life changing.

yum 5

i then waited until the fries had 15 mins to go then put a pan on medium heat to cook the burgers. they didn’t take long at all, and i turned them over a few times while cooking so they were good and brown on both sides.

i’m not a big bread eater so i didn’t use burger buns but lettuce instead, which is a great alternative especially if you want to avoid a carb overload.

yum 2

it was absolutely fun making it and it tasted delish too! i’m kinda in a ‘homemaker’ mode as i made two pillow cases today too. to be honest it’s about time as i’ve not used my new sewing machine since i bought it over 3 months ago. and i promise to write up my thrift store post very, very soon.

yum 1

i’m about to go out for a walk with some friends {i need to walk off my sunday food coma}. hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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