style is ageless

2013, June

you know what, since i started this blog 5 months ago i haven’t once written a fashion inspired post! *epic fail*

actually, i’m not a complete failure. i’m working with boho chic / rockabilly / electic / cool fashion bloggers to bring you some exciting insights into the fashion world, and i’m coining it, magenta and heels. so watch this space!


fashion is indeed ageless and timeless. and don’t you just love it? how many times do we see styles come round around the fashion merry-go-round? from bright-colored trousers to peplum shirts and skirts, from platform heels to blood-red lipstick. then there are the styles that seem to just be at the forefront of every fashion era.

i adore hollywood icon marilyn monroe. she was curvy before it was cool. 

marilyn-monroe NancyToussaintMarylinMonroe

chic, dazzling and striking beaut audrey hepburn is also on this list.

MBDBRAT EC005 audrey-hepburn-style-1

its her fro and her “i don’t care what you think” style that. i. just. love. thank you solange knowles for being so damn fabulous.



and i saw this on pinterest and couldn’t help but repin and share on today’s post. absolutely. stunning.


renee davis is a breast cancer survivor turned model. inspiring, motivating…i am in awe. at 57 she looks incredible.

one thing i do love about these women, that inspires me, is that they seem to be stylish for themselves. not to please the media, or anybody else for that matter. i completely firmly and fully believe that style is personal and ageless. and here is to letting ourselves embrace it.


*disclaimer* i do not own any of these images.


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