my salt lake city

2013, June

you gotta love fridays. end of the week. beginning of the weekend. and with being a student and working part-time, i only work 8am-12pm everyday with no classes on mondays or fridays. it’s like a long weekend every weekend {ish}.

i had a couple of errands to run, like posting a birthday package to one of my besties back home in england {fedex tried to charge me $100 for a 10 oz. package whereas usps charged me $14….you what?!}, headed to the bank and then the library. i decided to take a few snaps on my walk; there really is no point driving around the downtown area {i also don’t have a car…yet} and because the weather was gorgeous! i really did fall in love with it all over again. there are dozens of little hideaway theatres, coffee shops, book stores.. not that i go in all of these places but it certainly adds to the character of the city. and i love that.

here are a few snaps!

2 3 4 6 8 9

these were all taken on my iPhone and i used the aviary photo editing app to edit them. i absolutely adore this app…and i just wanted to show you a couple of before and after shots to show you what i mean:

11 5
before                                                             after

{a panda express fortune cookie}

this one might be a bit more obvious:

10 9
before                                                         after

i’m no professional, but i sure do feel like one with that app! {and it’s free}

i’ve got some sewing projects to start this weekend, which i have delayed long enough, and a dinner party on sunday, it should be a great weekend!



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