i finally did it

2013, June

i’ve needed a break from social media for a long time. a very long time. and you might remember me posting about this a few weeks ago in my unplugged experiment post. well it’s taken me that long to pluck up the courage to do so {who would have thought that i needed to ‘pluck up the courage’?}.

take a break

okay so it’s only been a few hours but already i feel liberated. now you might ask why i’m blogging if i’m liberating myself from social media…well i personally view the blog space as a way to express my thoughts of the day/week/month and to share experiences with friends and family (who read this). in many ways i find it less intrusive {go figure}.

what made me do this? have you ever felt the need to just withdraw? i’m going through what one might call a “finding myself” time right now and social media is not helping. it’s oh so very easy to compare our lives with the photo lives of those on facebook, or any other platform for that matter. comparison is not healthy. in other words we compare “our behind the scenes with another’s highlight reel“. and social media is the petrol/gas that keeps that illusion going.

there is so much fun to be had and good to be done with the incredible ways we can connect with each other. after all, i was hired for my job {which i am loving} as a result of being found on linkedin. but sometimes, just sometimes i’m dying to just switch off. and when i started feeling like i was losing control of my ability to do that, at any time, i knew something needed to be done. and done quickly

i typed in ‘take a break from social media’ into google out of curiosity and clicked on the first link from an organization {or so i’m assuming} called church marketing. here is their briliant and at some points quite realistic, top 10 list of reasons to take a break from social media {with my added commentary of course}:

1. you don’t have time to be in the word, but you have time to read twitter.
2. you get annoyed reading posts of people bragging about their lives {amen to that!}
3. someone says something funny in a conversation, and your first thought is, “i need to tweet that” {sooo true}
4. your pastor says something compelling in church and instead of applying it to your life, you make it your facebook status
5. you are tired of updating people about your life via 140 characters
6. you only know what is going on with your friends because you saw it on social media
7. you check instagram five times an hour, even though no one is posting new pictures {guilty as charged}
8. when you get in bed, instead of resting, you turn on your iPad to skim through twitter one more time {iPhone for me}
9. you post pictures of what you read during your quiet time on twitter, facebook, and instagram (matthew 6, anyone?)
10. your spouse asks you a question, and you are clueless about how to respond because you were distracted by what you were reading on your phone

and isn’t this crazy?! from the recent pope’s election…

Soical Media in Church

check out the rest of the article here.

i don’t know how long i’ll be gone for,  i’m just going to see how it goes. but for now i think it’s time for me to wrap up {soap box anyone?}. i’m intrigued to know if any of you have a taken a social media hiatus? i would love to hear about the experience!



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