the london market {in slc}

2013, May

my friends and i decided to explore salt lake city once a month by going out for lunch at different international style restaurants. there is a lot to explore in slc and we were up for the challenge! we started off with the london market. a small shop/café serving british patries and sweets with crisps, chocolate, canned food (even cheese and sausages) british style. talk about nostalgia! if you follow me on instagram {@MissMazzieW} you might have already seen some of these but it is definitely a must try!

more pasties mini cooper post box pasties

i had the beef and mango chutney pastie (who would have thought that combination would be so delicious? with a cranberry scone (with clotted cream of course). apart from the prices being rather steep, as a brit i would say it was pretty authentic. it is owned by brits after all.

they are located at 439 east 900 south,  salt lake city, ut 84111. it’s definitely worth the check out!

saturday evening was spent shopping with some good friends (i needed it after spending at least 7 hours watching 24 … i’m addicted). i got home just before midnight to find these at my door.


absolutely made my night. well my day actually. random kind acts — love them.

enjoy the rest of your memorial day/bank holiday weekend.



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