the unplugged experiment

2013, May

for some time now i’ve been wanting to challenge myself to “unplugging” from social media, a challenge that i have attempted and failed. yes i am a blogger, and i tweet and i am on book of face at least once a day. i instagram, pin, and even use tumblr every so often. and despite that being “plugged in” is a requirement for work and i use it to stay in touch with friends and family in the uk, spending several hours a day on social networking can’t be good for me. it’s gotten to the point, although i hesitate to admit it at the fear of being judged (but you can totally judge me), it’s the first thing i check in the morning. with my phone being my alarm clock, once i switch off the alarm i go through and quickly check all my social media accounts, emails and everything else under the sun (or so it feels like), i was alarmed (see what i did there?) that i check all these things before getting out of bed in the morning. i even considered adding my work email address to my iphone!

so here’s the thing. i’m going to spend a week unplugged. that means no instagramming, pinning, facebooking, tweeting…now you noticed that i didn’t put blogging down, reason being i will be pre-writting at least 3 blog posts for you (you can breathe a sigh of relief) and just schedule them for publishing next week (thank you wordpress). next is the tricky part; email. i generally don’t email but seeing as i will need it for some assignments next week i can’t completely lock that off. also i skype with my family on sundays, and i cannot miss that! so i’m down to emails and skype, but that is all i’m allowed.

i’m deciding between starting this on saturday or sunday, but i will keep you informed!.

this has led me to getting a book from the library to start off my summer reading. i’ve never read anything from shannon hale but i’ve heard good things about her. so i’m starting off with “the goose girl”. here’s to the unplugged experiment.




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