getting my diy on

2013, May

today i fell asleep on the trax and nearly missed my stop. oops. it’s friday. and if we were in england it would be the first of two bank holidays in may. i suppose with moving house and still trying to get my head around the new job in the same week, i’m exhausted. i am about to pass out. and it’s only 5pm on a friday night.

i’m a student and so like to do things on a budget. to be honest i think I’ve always been that way whether i’ve been a student or not. perhaps “when i have more money” won’t change me either. unless it’s a pair of christian louboutins or a marc jacobs handbag. but i would only ever purchase those things if it was pocket change.

anyway i digress. i mentioned in my life lately post that i saved a lot of money with buying thrift store bedroom furniture. well my diy experience has begun! my friend korinne (who is an absolute genius) is showing me the ropes and it’s been one of those ‘eureka’ moments where i wondered why everyone just didn’t do this. seriously. let me show you exhibit a of korinne’s fine work:

photo IMG_0081

and she recently got a booth at quilted bear in midvale selling some amazing home items. sheer genius she is (i’m working on her getting a blog!)

so with that i wanted to show you a couple of before pictures of my room, plus progress pictures of the headboard.

IMG_0093 IMG_0094


right now that’s one layer of paint (spray) plus primer. i’ll get a full diy post once it’s all done. i’m going for a vintage look so the headboard, bedside table and desk are all getting the same treatment.

aren’t you glad it’s the weekend?! as much as i still have a few things to unpack, i. just. want. to. sleep.

have a great weekend loves!


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