my summer soundtrack {urban twist}

2013, May

// ‘summertime’ will smith & dj jazzy jeff
//  ‘heatwave’ wiley
// ‘cheers – drink to that’ rihanna
// ‘hold ya’ gyptian ft nicki minaj
// ‘jammin’ bob marley
// ‘temperature’ sean paul
// ‘goodies’ ciara
// ‘swagger like us’ t.i. ft kanye west, jay-z & lil wayne
// ‘my love’ justin timberlake
// bashment & dancehall


what tracks get you all in the mood to wind your window down and blast those sweet sounds?



memorial day weekend

2013, May

memorial day is dedicated to remembering those who have and are serving in the armed forces. i salute and bow my head in utter respect for the men and women who continuously lay down their lives and for our protection, safety and freedom. from the horror that happened last week in london i am even more grateful.

it was a fairly quiet weekend for me. sunday afternoon was spent with girlfriends, the most adorable little pup, bbqs and sherlock (i’m probably wayyy behind on the bandwagon but hello awesomeness).

yummy food time for a bbq the view Me and Millie

i also went back to the london market (i’m having serious british withdrawals) and bought some sausages and beans, who would have thought that would bring me so much joy?


let the summer fun begin.




the london market {in slc}

2013, May

my friends and i decided to explore salt lake city once a month by going out for lunch at different international style restaurants. there is a lot to explore in slc and we were up for the challenge! we started off with the london market. a small shop/café serving british patries and sweets with crisps, chocolate, canned food (even cheese and sausages) british style. talk about nostalgia! if you follow me on instagram {@MissMazzieW} you might have already seen some of these but it is definitely a must try!

more pasties mini cooper post box pasties

i had the beef and mango chutney pastie (who would have thought that combination would be so delicious? with a cranberry scone (with clotted cream of course). apart from the prices being rather steep, as a brit i would say it was pretty authentic. it is owned by brits after all.

they are located at 439 east 900 south,  salt lake city, ut 84111. it’s definitely worth the check out!

saturday evening was spent shopping with some good friends (i needed it after spending at least 7 hours watching 24 … i’m addicted). i got home just before midnight to find these at my door.


absolutely made my night. well my day actually. random kind acts — love them.

enjoy the rest of your memorial day/bank holiday weekend.



2013, May

isn’t it interesting that in life, certain friends mean certain things to you. some come and go. some hurt you. some make you laugh until your eyes water and your sides split. other friends just listen to you. some you won’t see or speak to in a year but you’re easily able to pick up where you left off.

is it possible that some friends can fulfill all of the above and more? that your friendship runs deep. and it has nothing to do with the amount of time you have known them.

i am blessed to have a select group of friends i can call my sisters. we have each others backs even when we’re miles apart. i would pretty much lay my life for these girls.

today i wanted to share just 3 of them. i have never felt judged by them especially when i allow myself to be myself. you know what i mean.

i’ve known them for about 16 years. they have been with me, as i with them, through thick, thin, happy times, tough days. this post is dedicated to them. a thank you and a shout out. a reminder to myself that distance doesn’t change this kind of friendship. love you girls like a fat kid loves cake.





i’m about to head off to the gym, and i’m not going to lie, i’m scared. the last time i went to the gym was in november/december last year. yep. and now the palpitations have started.

also i don’t usually post anything on any social site about working out but after reading up on lauren conrad’s bikini bootcamp 2013 post i thought “i can do this”. okay not really, i just thought i need to get off my lazy behind and exercise!

i’m not looking to get skinny. i just want to feel healthy. and of course there is a difference.


wish me luck.

oh and check out lc’s bikini ready post here. you might also be interested in her busy girl breakfasts and busy girl lunches.



2013, May

with 30 something degree weather this week (celcius) summer is fast approaching. i look forward to

// long summer days
// warm summer nights
// baseball
// 4th july
// mangoes
// ice cream
// seven peaks water park
// pool & hot tub parties
// sunshine and blue skies


the unplugged experiment

2013, May

for some time now i’ve been wanting to challenge myself to “unplugging” from social media, a challenge that i have attempted and failed. yes i am a blogger, and i tweet and i am on book of face at least once a day. i instagram, pin, and even use tumblr every so often. and despite that being “plugged in” is a requirement for work and i use it to stay in touch with friends and family in the uk, spending several hours a day on social networking can’t be good for me. it’s gotten to the point, although i hesitate to admit it at the fear of being judged (but you can totally judge me), it’s the first thing i check in the morning. with my phone being my alarm clock, once i switch off the alarm i go through and quickly check all my social media accounts, emails and everything else under the sun (or so it feels like), i was alarmed (see what i did there?) that i check all these things before getting out of bed in the morning. i even considered adding my work email address to my iphone!

so here’s the thing. i’m going to spend a week unplugged. that means no instagramming, pinning, facebooking, tweeting…now you noticed that i didn’t put blogging down, reason being i will be pre-writting at least 3 blog posts for you (you can breathe a sigh of relief) and just schedule them for publishing next week (thank you wordpress). next is the tricky part; email. i generally don’t email but seeing as i will need it for some assignments next week i can’t completely lock that off. also i skype with my family on sundays, and i cannot miss that! so i’m down to emails and skype, but that is all i’m allowed.

i’m deciding between starting this on saturday or sunday, but i will keep you informed!.

this has led me to getting a book from the library to start off my summer reading. i’ve never read anything from shannon hale but i’ve heard good things about her. so i’m starting off with “the goose girl”. here’s to the unplugged experiment.