the extreme job hunter {dot} com

2013, April

talk about thinking outside of the box. literally.

i wanted to share with you my friend, dan conway. he’s taken job hunting to another level by creating a video ‘cover letter’ as I like to call it. absolutely brilliant i think. and if i had my own company i would hire him out of sheer talent, guts and outside-box thinkingness (not a word but just roll with it). i’ve even posted it up onto my linkedin profile.

i present to you the extreme job hunter {dot} com


click in the image to go to his site and check out the video!



One thought on “the extreme job hunter {dot} com

  1. This reminds me of when Elle Woods submitted her application to Harvard via video. I think it’s brilliant, especially in a day and age of impersonal communication a la technological advancement. This video is a great way to use that to your advantage, stand out, pique interest and show who you really are. I don’t know about you, but I find insulting for creative, fun people to be judged by who they are limited to be on paper. Besides, a potential employer will be working with the person and their ideas, not their college or previous employment stats. Unless you’re in IT or the health world where those things are kind of important…
    But I digress. Way do go, Dan! You’re perfect for the creative field and seem like a really fun guy to work with. More importantly, I really really hope you get the job so Lucy can go to Peppa Pig World! Not sure what that is, but it sounds kind of awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens 🙂

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