life lately.

2013, April

the weeks continue to be non-stop so i definitely didn’t want to end this week without another update on my life!

i finally found an apartment! i’m moving from taylorsville to holladay in utah. i didn’t realize just how much stuff a person can accumulate in just one year. when i moved from the uk to the us i had two suitcases. i now have what feels like several hundred suitcases worth of stuff. and i’ve just added to it by having to buy a bed and other bedroom furniture.

although i am actually quite excited about the furniture! the bedframe i found on ksl and the furniture i bought from a local d.i. thrift store. so rather than having to spend over nearly $600 on brand new furniture in total so far i have spent only $100. okay i actually had to buy a new mattress for $200 but still, that’s half of what i thought i had to spend! and i get to have a fun diy project out of it. so watch this blog space with a post about it!

so from my last post you would have caught a picture (or 3) of my graduation! i’m actually not quite done with school as i don’t graduate until august, but because of that (and that there is only one ceremony a year), i ‘walked’! about 3 weeks prior, i found out my mum and brother were flying in from england and my cousin with his wife and kids were coming in from houston, texas! it also happen to be finals week so it was absolutely fantastic but crazy busy!

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my mum was hilarious…as soon as she arrived at the airport she yelled “i’m in utah!!”. true story. we ate out everyday. i alone probably ate enough to feed a small village. or perhaps a large one. what was interesting, of all the places i took them to eat (including café rio, tucanos – brazalian grill, cheesecake factory etc.), their favorite was the taco stand downtown salt lake! which is absolutely life changing. just saying.

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it was also my roommate’s birthday so with her family we pulled together a surprise birthday party for her and a joint grad party for me. it was so much fun!

having my family in town reminded me of how much i miss home. but for every adventure we take in life there are often sacrifices. and this is mine. but i cannot complain. i am having some amazing experiences.

i’m not going to lie, i do miss london, it’s vintage shops, cobbled streets, pubs and cafe’s. so with that in mind, i am determined to find the ‘london’ in salt lake city. the random little pastry shops, the festivals (there’s a greek one in september i think) and vintage shops. i am a city girl!



3 thoughts on “life lately.

  1. Yay! Congrats, girl! We MUST attend the Greek festival together… And I totally need to take you to the London Market shop/bakery

    1. Thank you!!! And yes please for the Greek festival!! I only walked past it last year and got excited about it! lol and YES for the London Market!

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