2013, April

last year i spent easter with the owen family in las vegas. as a family tradition they hide easter baskets for the kids and then have a little hunt. they hid each of our baskets in the hotel room…and my crazy self took forever to find mine. i have been laughed at ever since. rightly so seeing as i literally looked at them but still didn’t find them.


anyway this year we not only stayed in salt lake but finding my easter basket was perhaps 10 times easier (i may or may not have got some help).

what does easter mean to you? family. friends. reflection. new beginnings. remembrance. chocolate?

some of you might think of Him as a great philosopher. some of you might think of Him as a great teacher or a prophet even.

to me He is my brother and the Son of God. He  died for me. for my weaknesses, my sins, my mistakes, my sorrow and my pain. easter is remembering that, and being grateful for what i have. among all the chocolate, laughter, friendship and love; deep down i remember that most of all. and especially that He lives.

perhaps my most favorite depiction of Jesus Christ by liz lemon swindle.


this version i’m using can be found here.





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