2013, March

it’s been one of those weeks. actually make that two weeks of crazy, stressful, sometimes lonely, ‘i want to shut the world out’ weeks. good things have happened but also not-so-good things.

this is where chocolate comes in. and english chocolate is…well, amazeballs. like a warm fuzzy blanket on a rainy night, or the feeling you get when your crush likes you back. true story.


this. this is what i’ll be devouring tonight. momentarily all my worries are simply melted away with the taste of smooth milk chocolate.

i once got called the “chocolate lady”. by an adorable 6-year-old. technically i am chocolate-colored. i loved it.



2 thoughts on “chocolate.

  1. Oh my chocolate lady! I think I was there when he called you “chocolate lady”! What great memories!
    I loved this post:) Don’t we all feel like that sometimes? Yes, I believe that chocolate cheers you up!

    1. oh yes i think you were there! such good times 🙂
      chocolate cheers you up for sure!

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