2013, March

love. it’s a beautiful thing. in all its forms.


i’m obsessed with blogger love taza. she is an incredible blogger. whenever i get a chance to stalk her blog i spend a good little while there.

today i checked it out and clicked on a link (she blogged about one of her friends and hence posted a link to her blog)…

the first post on the wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell blew me away. i immediately signed up. i thirst for more. it’s been a long time since i read a blog with words that jumped out of the screen and are imprinted on my mind. true story.

here is a taster:

here’s the thing.

i want to know everything.

i want to know which side of the bed you sleep on when it’s just you. and how you take your coffee–or your tea–or your oversized glass of orange juice. i want to study how your eyelashes cut the air when you look down and learn the movement of your fingers across the sunday times. i want to count the ways in which you laugh–to count the ways in which i can make you laugh. i want to know how old you were when you first felt the sting of heartache–were you seven, ten, twenty-one? what was her name? the color of her hair? what was the first lie you told? the last? tell me about the first time you made love–the color of the morning-after as it angled into the room, as it cut across her back. tell me your first great loss. your secret shame–the thing you think makes you damaged in that irreparable way. teach me how to undress you from across a room. teach me how to settle and silence your chaos. teach me to clear a space for you. always.

i know. she’s a literal master with words. a lyrical genius. a captain of language. i’m not even sure what that means.

here. go read the rest and have a fulfilling day.

with love.


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