it’s a gala

2013, February

it’s nearly the weekend! it’s been a busy week for me, school, work and a two-day conference i have been working at, i’ve barely had time to breath.

but i’m happy to say that it’s all good busy. one of the projects i am working on is a gala for charity organization ascend alliance. I worked with them at a sundance film festival charity event, which was fantastic!

IMG_20130120_200952my responsibilities with the gala are to prepare center pieces for 65 tables, plus displays for the stage. the theme is natural/african with a modern black and gold look. here is my pinterest board with the ideas i have found so far:

and here’s a little taster of what i’ve been pinning:

3c1ac47cc73a2e62b84599e78f463e9b 93d5a91e56d00fe43b9861fc83f41844 611a5f4c4c43f0b83ed1744e4fc21353 339433e6977b6d3e2357f4bdc3368169

i want to know what you think! do you have any ideas? please put any links in the comments section. i had a light bulb moment where i thought this would be a great idea to get your input!

thanks and i look forward to seeing what you come up with!



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