just make it up as you go along

2013, February

yesterday i had the pleasure of watching my friend, dj, play the piano. he’s been playing since he was 4 years old. and i could tell. for me it was like magic as his hands stroked the keys.


i originally wanted to post a clip of him playing but i am working out how to post a video on here! unless you can’t? if you know let me know!

what surprised me the most was that he was making it up as he went along – which i was totally blown away by. i have no such skills! and it was beautiful.

i thought about this and our own lives. we just might be making it up as we go along, but we have the ability to create beautiful things. what’s wonderful about it that everyone does.

yay for it being the weekend! although i’ll be working for most of it i’m looking forward to dinner with friends, house parties and catching up with family in england. have a wonderful time!



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