pancakes and puppies

2013, February

i missed out on pancake day festivities and i’ve been craving them all week, so my roommate and i decided to have a pancake party – british style. because everything i do is british themed. true story.


if you’ve never experienced british style pancakes, your taste-buds are missing out on the party. they are similar to crepes but you typically eat them with lemon and sugar.

i know. now let that sink in… it may not sound quite right, but trust me. your taste-buds will dance like its 1999 (think will smith’s ‘millennium’ hit).

this is the best recipe i found and used, and it was a hit! unless everyone just said that to make me happy. being chef for friends can sometimes be intense (you watch them not-so-slyly as they eat what you’ve cooked and eye them up for a positive response).


it looked like everyone enjoyed them and had fun so i’m going to go with that! if you decide to try them out i would love to hear what you think!!

yorkshire terriers and shih tzus make the cutest puppies. if you follow me on instagram (@mazzieloko) you know how obsessed i’ve been. or still am. they are in the process of being sold but i may or may not have decided to be a dog lady in my future life.


happy tuesday to you!



2 thoughts on “pancakes and puppies

    1. They are the cutest! I’ll check yours out for sure (with the little french I know!). Thanks for stopping by!

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