dear europe

2013, February

firstly i want to say ‘thank you’ for all the love i’ve been shown since launching this blog, a mighty two days ago! but seriously THANK YOU! you all rock my cotton socks  and i hope my posts continue to keep you entertained.

if you didn’t know (or wondered why i had the british flag on my header), i grew up in england, right outside london. i love that place.

you know what’s great though? the ease of travelling between countries. for example you can hop on a train from london and be in paris in two hours. yep. all for a little under $100 return. i’m telling you, if i could organize trips to europe for other people i would really do that. for free even. just so everyone can experience it.

Top 5 Euro Cities

1. london
2. rome
3. milan
4. stockholm
5. rhodes (ok this is a greek island but it is gorgeous!)

where have you been/would like to go in europe?



6 thoughts on “dear europe

  1. Terrific. This new blog is just terrific! I love how interactive it is, and this post, especially, ahhhh!!!! EUROPE!!! What else can I ask for?? Ok, maybe one, two, or three (hundred) Cadbury chocolate bars, but oh well, let’s get real, eh? Ok, focus!

    My top 10 cities in Europe:
    1. Paris & London – I say this because one city leads to the other, at least in my opinion ❤
    2. Moscow – Love the Russian indie atmosphere. Moscow is the place!
    3. Copenhagen – Scandinavians are impeccable. Copenhagen is the most stylish city on Earth.
    4. Dublin – Love the joyous Irish soul. A must go for sure!
    5. Berlin – The most artistic city on Earth. History, Arts, Cinema. Oh, I'd love to live in Berlin!
    6. Amsterdam – I plead the fifth.
    7. Stockholm – So beautiful your eyes hurt!!!!!
    8. Reykjavik – A spiritual place. Definitely a place I’d like to spend my “last hours” at.
    9. Glasgow & Aberdeen – I just love Scotland and want to go to these cities in special.
    10. Rome – The biggest museum in the world, eh? 🙂

    Ahhh, see????? Time to look for tickets online. Congrats on the new blog. Loving the atmosphere around here 😉


    1. fernando this is my far the best blog comment. ever. i LOVE your list. moscow, berlin and paris are on my list of where i want to go.
      and thank you for your kind words! i hope this blog will continue to entertain and inspire the readers!

      1. Ahhh you know I have a lot of experience traveling to these places in my dreams, eh?? Now time to plan a real travel, hahaha! Loving the blog. Keep it up. Fer x

  2. My fave Euro cities are (1) London – no surprise there! (2) Paris – can’t fault the city of lights and some of the newer foodie spots justify a visit, (3) love Stockholm too – particularly Sodermalm and Gamla Stan, (4) Lucca, Italy – for a more rural tuscan town experience, and (5) Bruges – its a worthy world heritage site and lives up to its Venice of the North moniker.

    1. Happy to hear such great things about Bruges. I know Bruges was elected the arts capital of Europe one year, but can’t recall the year that happened. I’ve always heard great things about Belgium. Also, I know Saint Petersburg is also considered the Venice of the North, so that’s cool that Bruges has the same reputation.

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