it’s a gala

2013, February

it’s nearly the weekend! it’s been a busy week for me, school, work and a two-day conference i have been working at, i’ve barely had time to breath.

but i’m happy to say that it’s all good busy. one of the projects i am working on is a gala for charity organization ascend alliance. I worked with them at a sundance film festival charity event, which was fantastic!

IMG_20130120_200952my responsibilities with the gala are to prepare center pieces for 65 tables, plus displays for the stage. the theme is natural/african with a modern black and gold look. here is my pinterest board with the ideas i have found so far:

and here’s a little taster of what i’ve been pinning:

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i want to know what you think! do you have any ideas? please put any links in the comments section. i had a light bulb moment where i thought this would be a great idea to get your input!

thanks and i look forward to seeing what you come up with!



justin timberlake

2013, February

this guy.

i saw him in concert at earl’s court in london. he is probably the best male entertainer and performer of this generation. i don’t even think that’s an exaggeration. but it is my opinion of course.


did you see him at the grammy’s a couple of weeks ago? hello governor indeed.

if you haven’t heard his suit & tie track from his up and coming album the 20/20 experience, check it out here.

tickets for his legends of the summer tour with jay-z go on sale this week. i’m planning of tickets to their san francisco night. let’s just say my ears, feet, heart and soul are beyond happy.


just make it up as you go along

2013, February

yesterday i had the pleasure of watching my friend, dj, play the piano. he’s been playing since he was 4 years old. and i could tell. for me it was like magic as his hands stroked the keys.


i originally wanted to post a clip of him playing but i am working out how to post a video on here! unless you can’t? if you know let me know!

what surprised me the most was that he was making it up as he went along – which i was totally blown away by. i have no such skills! and it was beautiful.

i thought about this and our own lives. we just might be making it up as we go along, but we have the ability to create beautiful things. what’s wonderful about it that everyone does.

yay for it being the weekend! although i’ll be working for most of it i’m looking forward to dinner with friends, house parties and catching up with family in england. have a wonderful time!


fashion inspiration

2013, February

style quote

i couldn’t agree more. and i love to keep a look out for style when i’m out and about. maybe it’s a problem as i’m often caught staring at someone then redeem myself by complimenting them on something they are wearing. it’s a little awkward. yet i still do it!

i wanted to share a ‘street style’ photo with you today. i bumped into my friend and fellow brit solena yesterday and just loved her outfit! IMG_20130220_131548

i fell in love with the jacket and statement necklace for sure, but i love it all. a definite look to ease into spring weather (which in utah is a little way off just yet).

a friend recently pointed out to me – it’s a fantastic way to get inspired without creeping on strangers 😉 style is personal and very individual, but we can be inspired by anything and everything.

here are just a few of my favorites but go check it out!

2825369_lbfloral 2728622_lb2 2804093_whitedresslookbook 2843438_lookbookgarage

what inspires your daily wardrobe?


pancakes and puppies

2013, February

i missed out on pancake day festivities and i’ve been craving them all week, so my roommate and i decided to have a pancake party – british style. because everything i do is british themed. true story.


if you’ve never experienced british style pancakes, your taste-buds are missing out on the party. they are similar to crepes but you typically eat them with lemon and sugar.

i know. now let that sink in… it may not sound quite right, but trust me. your taste-buds will dance like its 1999 (think will smith’s ‘millennium’ hit).

this is the best recipe i found and used, and it was a hit! unless everyone just said that to make me happy. being chef for friends can sometimes be intense (you watch them not-so-slyly as they eat what you’ve cooked and eye them up for a positive response).


it looked like everyone enjoyed them and had fun so i’m going to go with that! if you decide to try them out i would love to hear what you think!!

yorkshire terriers and shih tzus make the cutest puppies. if you follow me on instagram (@mazzieloko) you know how obsessed i’ve been. or still am. they are in the process of being sold but i may or may not have decided to be a dog lady in my future life.


happy tuesday to you!


dear europe

2013, February

firstly i want to say ‘thank you’ for all the love i’ve been shown since launching this blog, a mighty two days ago! but seriously THANK YOU! you all rock my cotton socks  and i hope my posts continue to keep you entertained.

if you didn’t know (or wondered why i had the british flag on my header), i grew up in england, right outside london. i love that place.

you know what’s great though? the ease of travelling between countries. for example you can hop on a train from london and be in paris in two hours. yep. all for a little under $100 return. i’m telling you, if i could organize trips to europe for other people i would really do that. for free even. just so everyone can experience it.

Top 5 Euro Cities

1. london
2. rome
3. milan
4. stockholm
5. rhodes (ok this is a greek island but it is gorgeous!)

where have you been/would like to go in europe?



2013, February

i’m sure i’ve started several blogs over the last 2 years. actually, only 2. ok 3. but i’ve wanted to combine my love for fashion and beauty, with my life’s adventures and everything else in between. enter in cupcake mascara.

i welcome you to my crazy, funny, awkward, inspiring (or so i’d like to think) blog!

enjoy, comment, share and if the only thing i have done for you today is helped you  smile then i’m a happy camper!



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